I’m currently shopping my scripts:

The 12 Diaz of Christmas

Synopsis: A wealthy, lonely, childless retired couple find out that the husband has a son from his high school sweetheart that he never knew about. Anxious to meet his son he invites him and his family to their Beverly Hills home for Thanksgiving. His son has been raised in the back hills of Tennessee. His family consists of 9 kids and an 8.9-month pregnant wife, and a pot belly pig. Chaos follows. A story of love renewed and the Joy of Christmas rekindled.

The Forgiveness Dance

How do you forgive someone that doesn’t think they’ve done anything wrong?

About me: 

I began working in the entertainment industry in the late 70s. I started as a casting assistant and worked my way up to being hired by a top children’s agency to run the commercial department in the 80s for the Kelman/Arletta Agency.  I worked with the Kelman Arletta Agency for 2 years as the commercial agent.  

Belshe Casting was born.

Over the years it has been my privilege to work on several award-winning projects and with award winning Directors.  I have had the honor of casting for project such as: Boys and Girls Town PSAs, Will Rogers Institute PSAs, McGruff the Crime Dog series, How the West Was Lost (Cable Ace Award), Knotts Berry Farm, Oroweat, Disney educational projects and 100s more. 

I have cast hundreds of educational films, Industrials, and Infomercials. To name a very few:  “Homes of our Heritage for HGTV / 8 part series,  “The Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright”  In Search of the Oregon Trail for PBS Nebraska/Hosted by Stacy Keach. How The West Was Lost – Part I & II “Cable Ace Award”. Scared Silent / Oprah Winfrey Productions.  (See resume)

In 2007 I founded the talent agency “All American Rascals Talent Agency” aka “Rascals” with my husband Birger Toernblom.  Together we built the agency that exists today. I worked with him until August of 2013 when I retired from agenting.

I returned to my former company of Belshe Casting and began the process of producing my award-winning script “Boonville Redemption” into a film.

I’m a five time award winning writer.

I received an IRWIN AWARD for my book “It’s A Freeway Out There! The INS and DOUBTS of ShowBiz

DOVE Foundation Award for:  “Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning.” And also for the movie “Boonville Redemption.”

Winner of the Burbank International Film Festival / Best Comedy: CHOCOLAPHOBIA 

Angelciti/Raleigh Studios / Beat Family Film: JEREMIAH / later named YOUR PAD OR MINE?

AOF / Action On Film International Film Festival X : Best Period Piece Feature Runner-Up

TMIFF            3rd place for “The Forgiveness Dance”

CIFF               Winner of Best Screenplay “The Forgiveness Dance”

SPIFF (San Pedro International Film Festival)  1st place Screenplay “Boonville Redemption.”

In 2014 I Executive produced my screenplay Boonville Redemption into a movie starring: Pat Boone, Edward Asner and Diane Ladd. 

More information about this project at www.BoonvilleRedemption.com

In my spare time (That’s a joke) I wrote:

Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning (Dove Award)

The 10 Commandments How They Add Credibility To Your Career. 

90 Days At Sea (A Romance Novel) Pen name Jude Sessions

 When AOL began I was given my own talk show online. It was on for several years. It was called “Ask Judy”

I wrote several special articles for ShowBizKid.Com

I have directed only one play for a community theater, but I loved it: Cheaper by the Dozen. It was later broadcast on Cast Cable T.V. for Fountain Valley