Commercial – Informercials – PSA

Selling “things” to the public is an art. Ever wonder why people buy one chocolate chip cookie over another…without tasting it?

We do our best to find the right talent for our Directors and or Producers. We search high and low to find talent that matches the feeling or image the producer / director is looking to create with. This helps the public to respond to the product. 

Cedar Fair/Knotts Berry Farm

Nordic Track Elliptical

 Vermont Teddy Bear 

Boy’s & Girls Town PSA (Several)  
Girls and Boys Town      
Boys Town USA            

Institute    Banyan Communications                                                     

Ralph’s Markets     

Earthlinks  (internet)




Other Bookings – Please call for complete list

 TooClean Vacuum / Informercial
Alvarado Hospital                                                     
Proposition 100 (Spokesperson)                                                        
International Beepers
Joan River’s Show Family Feud Driving School Spectrum Films
Denver Lawyers (12 Spots)                                      
Maxzide 25 MG                                                                           
Lifetime Medical Cable
Responsible Drinking/Beer Drinkers of America
BioCare       STS