Homes of our Heritage 8 part series
Summer Palaces (of the USA)                                                      
“The Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright” or “The Landscapes of Frederick Law Olmsted”

Animal Planet “Emergency Vet”                                   

In Search of the Oregon Trail PBS / Hosted by Stacy Keach                                                                                                  

Scared Silent           Oprah Winfrey 

Harry the Dirty Dog           

America’s Most Wanted       (1) Episode

A Rock and Roll Christmas   w/Dennis Miller

Run D.M.C.    Music Video

Hands Across America  

Other Bookings – Please call for complete list

Friday Nite at Stoney’s          Stella Stevens and Lauren Tewes   
The New Monkees                                                  
Song in the Night                                                            
George Washington (The Series) (Cable) 
How The West Was Lost Part I & II Discovery,  “Cable Ace Award”
Let’s Talk About It    John Walsh                                                     
Russian Documentary    
Mountains      “Friends of the Smokey Mountains” & voice of the visitors center.
Little America  Crimson Dawn Productions