Educational Films

Educational films are created to instruct and to help. We seek inviting talent that the viewing audience can relate to and learn from. We always try to understand the Director’s vision.

DISNEY’S World of English (several)                                          

Lice are Not Nice                                                  

Thermometers: The Hot & Cold of It                      

More Food for Your Money

Exploring the Forest

To a Baby Sitter, Where’s Tommy?

Our Earth

Eating on the Run

Magic Words

What’s a Natural Resource?

Homework Boy

Rules to the Rescue

Where Does Food Come From?

Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies

Study Skills/Choosing the Right Words

V.D.:New Bugs New Problems

Liquid burns                                

Rocks and Minerals          

Reading Is..                  

Math Science Encounter  

Not Yet, Baby                  

What Hurts?                

Family Economics        

 In Charge at Home        

How to Resist Peer Pressure

Solving Conflicts            

Family Talks about Sex

Drugs in the Fifth Grade    

S.T.D. Blues          

Letter Park (2 Spots)          

Economics by Choice        

The Battle of the Bulge