Original Scripts & Awards

I’m a five time award winning writer.

I received an IRWIN AWARD for my book “It’s A Freeway Out There! The INS and DOUBTS of ShowBiz

DOVE Foundation Award for:  “Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning.” And also for the movie “Boonville Redemption.”

Winner of the Burbank International Film Festival / Best Comedy: CHOCOLAPHOBIA 

Angelciti/Raleigh Studios / Beat Family Film: JEREMIAH / later named YOUR PAD OR MINE?

AOF / Action On Film International Film Festival X : Best Period Piece Feature Runner-Up

TMIFF            3rd place for “The Forgiveness Dance”

Churches Making Movies (selected):  The Forgiveness Dance 

CIFF               Winner of Best Screenplay “The Forgiveness Dance”


1st place SPIFF (San Pedro International Film Festival) award for Best Screenplay “Boonville Redemption.”

In 2014 I Executive produced my screenplay Boonville Redemption into a movie starring: Pat Boone, Edward Asner and Diane Ladd. 

More information about this project at www.BoonvilleRedemption.com

In my spare time (That’s a joke) I wrote:

#1 Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning

#2 Boonville Redemption: We All Have The Power To Heal

Deadly Ground

The 10 Suggestions? How Applying the 10 Commandments Can Help Your Career 

90 Days At Sea (A Romance Novel) Pen name Jude Sessions


Guest Speaker on Radio and TV Show:

“KKLA” Christian Broadcasting station    

“KAAM” Radio Disney Host Vicky Robbins                                                                            

“KBOI” The Good Doctor, Drew Harold show, Boise, Idaho                                   

“CFPL” with Host Brian Nuttall in London, Canada                                                

“WKPE” Host Dene Peachey Orleans, Mass.                                                         

“KYRX” Withers Broadcasting Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Host Shawn                 

“KSCJ”  Sioux, Iowa with Host Kelli Erickson                                                        

“WRDR” Burlington, Ohio                                                                                       

“WPAU” Mary Heleans, Boyertown, Pa.                                                              

“WGMD” Host Kelly Terranova, Rehoboth Beach, Del.                                           

“KUIC” Host Cynthia Seats, VacaVille, Ca.                                                              

“KLLY” Host Bill Fox, Bakersfield, Ca.                                                                       

“WJBC” Hosts Tony Montana & Scott Robbins, Bloomington, Ill.                                   “KWTX” Host Arie LeBlanc Waco, Texas                                                             

“KUMA”  Host Scott B. & Bridget, Honolulu, Hawaii                                                   

“CKLW” Winsom, Ontario Canada                                                                         

“KMXQ” Jonathon Monk, Dianne Kelly                                                                  

“WKXK” Chicago, Ill                                                                                               

“KTFM”  San Antonio, Texas                                                                                  

“KWTX” Waco, Texas                                                                                           

“KASH”  w/Jay Charles, Alaska                                                                              

“KHBG” w/Stuart Hilbourg                                                                                     

“WNYU” w/Jason Soong Tri-State New York, Diana Jordan                                      

“The Book Page, Portland, Oregon                                                                        

Television Jeffery Starr Show                                                                                     

Television Show “Rise and Shine”, Fullerton, Ca.  (2x’s)