Script Reviewing Service

Hello, Everyone:
Welcome to my Script Reviewing Service.

Want a writing partner but NOT at WRITING partner? What you need is someone to bounce ideas off of! 

I only give one guarantee: If you don’t write it – you’ll never sell it! 

  • Directors/Producers feel free to reach out to me for synopsis and loglines of scripts that I have read. If you find them interesting I will put you in contact with the writer.

Screenwriting is a lonely sport.  Let’s just put that right out there up front! You think of it alone, you write alone. It’s not an easy job to be a creative.

Most everyone in your 9-5 circle doesn’t understand you, what you do, or why you do it for free. Sit up tall! Fingers on the keyboard, or pen in hand with paper! You are the storytellers of life. You are the reason that make-believe comes to life. You have a noble calling. Your calling is to write interesting stories to delight the young and the old. Be proud! In the midst of all your self-doubt – Write it anyway!

Write things that you want to exist in the world.

Write what you know!

I have worked in this industry since 1979.  I believe I have a lot to offer the struggling writer. I’ve won several awards for my screenplays and for my books. What I have worked on, read and experienced can all be of help to you, the screenwriter.

Awarded or Won:

Dove Award: Feature film “Boonville Redemption.”

Dove Award: My book “Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning.” My screenplays have won several festivals:

IRWIN AWARD: My book “It’s A Freeway Out There! The INS and DOUBTS of ShowBiz.

Burbank International Film Festival:  Best Comedy: CHOCOLAPHOBIA

Angelciti/Raleigh Studios: Best Family Film: JEREMIAH (later renamed “Your Pad or Mine.)

AOF / Action On Film International Film Festival:  Boonville Redemption – Best Period Piece Feature Runner-Up

TMIFF: 3rd place for “The Forgiveness Dance”

CIFF: Winner of Best Screenplay “The Forgiveness Dance”

SPIFF: (San Pedro International Film Festival) 1st place Screenplay “Boonville Redemption.”


I’ll be your third-affordable-eye in your screenwriting process.

As you are writing, you give yourself a lot of input and after awhile you miss stuff, you become blind to your dropouts or mistakes. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It just happens in the creative process of writing.

Now, this is what I am not: I’m not your English teacher or master of punctuation, but I will tell you if there are some of those mistakes during my process of reading your script. I’m there to help with the storyline and characters in your screenplay. I am excellent at finding holes in your story/screenplay and giving you suggestions on how to patch them up.

A fresh eye to your script can clear out some of that writing fog where we get stuck. Certain details can get overlooked and leave your audience wondering how your characters got from point A to point R.

Along with the script review, I will offer a 1/2 an hour phone or Skype discussion with you about my notes. All will be suggestions you can take or leave. But never underestimate the power of discussion. It is always a good, eye-opening time and it can squeeze your creative juices into new thoughts. It always helps to have someone to talk things over with.

In all of our lives, we have those that love us and encourage us with our creative endeavors. Mom, Grandma, Dad, etc. But after they have read our scripts we sit with baited breath by the phone – waiting for them to call, or drooling at their feet for their feedback, and they say, “That was great!” Nice… good to hear… but not helpful.

There are the others that we give our scripts to and we never hear from them again. Now that’s a good way to get rid of people we want out of our lives, but not helpful in the process of writing that award-winning screenplay.

  • Directors/Producers feel free to reach out to me for synopsis and loglines of scripts that I have read. If you find them interesting I will put you in contact with the writer.

You can contact me via my email:

The Cost: My fee is $100 per script that includes a 1/2 hour phone call or Skype to discuss my notes. Any additional contact (re-read or additional 1/2 hour conversation) for the same script is $50.

Please feel free to share this with others that you think would need my service.


Timothy Armstrong
Armstrong Moving Pictures                                                                                     Cowgirls ‘N Angels, Dakota’s Summer, Cowgirl’s Song


Judy has incredible insight into story structure, character development, and dialogue. These are all the critical elements of a good script. I couldn’t have gotten my three features made without her and her input.
Timothy Armstrong

Don Schroeder, Ph.D. Producer/Director – Emmy Award Winner

“Judy Belshe-Toernblom is an accomplished screenwriter and story analyst. Her scripts have won many film festival awards and have been produced into successful feature films. Judy’s script for Boonville Redemption, a feature film that I produced and directed, was so well-crafted that it held your interest from page one. Most people read it in one sitting because they couldn’t put it down. Judy certainly understands story structure, but equally importantly, she understands how critical it is to develop characters that people care about. What’s more, she knows how to show character development through action rather than just talk. Judy has been in “the business” for more than thirty years, not only as a writer, but also as a talent agent and casting director. She has seen what works and what doesn’t, and she has a knack for sharing her knowledge in positive, supportive interactions that leave you inspired and energized. I would strongly recommend Judy to anyone who seeks to hash out a story, work on character development, or improve a completed screenplay. She’ll deliver.”  Don Schroeder