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Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning 

The book has now been awarded the 5 DOVE AWARD from the Dove Foundation and the Golden Medallion from the Christian Book Awards for Teens and Adults.

If you love westerns and are a fan of the series “When Calls The Heart” or “Little House on the Prairie” you will enjoy this series of book. As relevant today as it was in late 1800s to early 1900s. The story reflects love’s triumphs and losses in the harsh new frontier as it spans nearly 30 years. It is all told through the loving eyes of their family dog “Moses Boo.”

J. Helen Elza: The story is told from a dog’s point of view, the tale of love, betrayal, and ultimate redemption is woven in a tapestry of beautiful description, colorful history and memorable characters.

Don Schroeder The characters are strong and deeply human.

Garden Girl: The characters inspire one to think about forgiveness and redemption.

Seth Greenky: I was sad to leave and I am looking forward to the opportunity to return.

Mariposa: It’s like visiting old friends. You won’t be disappointed. 


Boonville Redemption: We All Have The Power To Heal  —  This book will contain several scenes and stories that were omitted from the film. 

Alice lived a tolerable life until her daughter, Melinda, age thirteen, demanded answers about her real daddy. If Thomas, Melinda’s real father, was still alive, will Melinda’s search reunite him with his stolen love and child?

The book is based on the movie “Boonville Redemption.” More at


The 12 DIAZ of Christmas: This book is about Christmas lost and found again. This makes a terrific Christmas gift, and it actually looks like one!  On this particular day, someone whispered a Christmas wish. Well, it just so happens that wishes come true at Christmas.



DEADLY GROUND (Sci-Fi):  AB is the second Adam. Will he make the same mistake as the first?  We’re all on deadly ground now. This virus doesn’t have rules. We don’t know what the next moments will bring.

Review:  Peggy Holder: Great concept…makes you think. Could history be repeating itself? Fast read. Anxious for the sequel.


90 Days @ Sea is a romantic thriller. Written  under my pen name: Jude Sessions

90 Days at Sea is the tale of one lonely fifties-something woman’s searching for her soul mate, her forever and lasting love. This Hollywood author, script-writer, filmmaker, embarks on a journey of discovery that will leave you laughing, cheering, holding your breath, and proud to be a woman. Home alone and drowning in loneliness, Chelsea surfed the new 90s information highway called the Internet. Her curiosity stumbled her into a chat room. What could go wrong there? With a single word, hello and a single click, send, Chelsea’s keyboard morphed into a springboard that would bounce her from the ache of celibate loneliness to the ecstasy of true love, and then, without warning, to devastating news. Resilient, resourceful, and determined to learn the truth, Chelsea, travels from her West Coast to his East Coast to walk where he walked, and to see all that they had shared. His haunting words rang in her mind. “You have no idea how much I miss you. It’s like an invisible rope is tied to my heart, pulling and tugging. My mind spins like a ship’s wheel with endless thoughts of you. You own my heart. You live in my mind, please come and claim my body.” Yes, the mind is the battlefield. If a person can capture the mind they can own the body. But what happens to the heart? On her journey she becomes entangled in a reality that proves more bizarre, more dangerous, and more unbelievable than any filmmaker’s most twisted fantasy.


English to Boontling is a book on the language used in the late 1800s in Boonville, California and in our film Boonville Redemption. 


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